Golden Fields is dedicated to conducting business with honesty, integrity and social accountability.

Our goal is to assist people to achieve desireable business outcomes more effectively, to transform the way that people deliver value to an organisation and thus the global community – to Make Work Meaningful.

Joey states that a person is able to thrive when they have the ability to Live, to Love, to Learn and to Leave a Legacy. These values are important at iOctane, and we seek to ensure that every member of our Team has the ability to understand and build on their talents and capabilities to benefit themselves and our clients.

We ensure that our People are continuously challenged in their thinking and skills levels, with ongoing training. Our environment is flexible and we value family and home life to bring a lifestyle balance which ultimately benefits our clients. Our team members have a strong desire to significantly impact our clients’ business in a positive way.

In addition, Business Revolutions sponsors one disadvantaged child for each of our team members, allowing their contribution to our business to take a child out of poverty and give them a future. We support Compassion ( and World Vision ( to make a difference in this world and currently sponsor nine children on behalf of staff members, from a range of Third World Countries.